Rental Terms  -  Copy and print out, complete and return to Debbie DeSousa. Take a photo with your smart phone and send.


These terms and conditions apply to renting Vintage China and accessories by Debbie DeSousa

The rental period for china and accessories by Debbie DeSousa will be 3 days.  Pick up day before event and return day after.  The customer is solely accountable for the goods during the rental period, from the time the goods are delivered to them until the goods are collected and accepted back into the possession of Debbie DeSousa. Late returns will be charged a prorate fee. 1 day late fee = 33% of total order. 

Delivery and Collection:

We prefer that you pick up your order. If you need delivery we can arrange for delivery. Delivery and pick up fees will apply based on your specific needs. Please inquire as we will be able to give you a more accurate bid once we know your needs.


_________We require delivery


_________We require pick up


When the goods are delivered to the customer, the customer shall inspect the goods and sign Debbie DeSousa’s delivery note. If the customer fails to do this, the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered/collected in a clean and undamaged condition. If there is no one available to check the items, again the items will be deemed to have been delivered/collected in a clean and undamaged condition.

When delivery company collects the rentals, it should be properly packed as found. If delivery company feels the items are not safe for transit and has to re-pack the items, this will incur additional charges. This charge will be based on $50.00 per hour . Please make sure you place foam between each china pieces and use the packaging supplied.


Wash Up Service:

All goods supplied by Debbie DeSousa are clean and ready to use. Save all bubble wrap when unpacking. 

Please note -The vintage china must be washed by hand using mild liquid dish washing soap and warm water.   DO NOT put in a dishwasher or any other commercial machine.  Return dishes using the same bubble wrap and boxes. Make sure to put one sheet of bubble wrap between each dish.  Keep bubble wrap and packing boxes free from food and food stains.


______ We will return dishes dirty for your wash up service and pay to replace soiled  bubble wrap.


_____ We will return all item clean.


Our wash up service is available upon request  at $1.00 per item + cost of new bubble wrap and or packing (if original bubble wrap is soiled with food).  If you decide to let Debbie DeSousa do the washing, all excess food should be carefully scraped away from plates and cake stands, cups should be rinsed and all cutlery should be rinsed.

Should this not be done, we reserve the right to make a surcharge for additional cleaning. This additional cleaning charge will be a minimum  of 10% of the total cost of the rental fee.

Please understand that the china is more fragile than commercial catering china and it is your responsibility to inform your caterer/venue of this to ensure minimal breakages. Please take extra care when handling, stacking, washing and re-packing the china.  Never put our china or crystal into a dish washer.


 Terms of Payment:

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total rental charge will be required to reserve your order at the point of booking. Please only book items that you need. If you cancel a large quantity if items, you must let us know as soon as possible - if you let us know less than 30 days before the date of your event, you will be billed for 50% of the cost of these items.

The final payment must be paid 7 days prior to your event. This final balance must have cleared 10 working days prior to your event.

A refundable damage deposit will also be required when paying the final balance and will be returned once your rental order has been returned and checked for any damage or loss of items. You will be informed within 4 workings days if there is any damage/missing items to your order. Shortages and or damage to the rented goods will be charged and deducted accordingly from the damage deposit. If you break/damage more items than the average deposit covers, you will be billed for any extra costs and this will be paid within 5 working days. Damage deposit will be either returned within 10 workings days, in full or deducted accordingly to any breakages. “Damage” means lost, broken, or chipped.


Replacement Costs:  If you break it you buy it.  We kindly ask you to ask your caterer/vendor, to keep and return all broken item(s) so that Debbie DeSousa can identify what is missing from your order.



If the customer wishes to cancel the entire order, this must be notified to Debbie DeSousa in writing. The customer will lose their 50% rental charge deposit.


Debbie DeSousa shall not  be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property  arising from the goods, however caused.


Contact us:
Debbie DeSousa 925-672-9598 cell

Debbie DeSousa reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Please check back regularly because the amended Terms and Conditions will apply to your continued use of the website and/or order.


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